Phantom Fantasia

Sherly Silvi


Sherly Silvi was born and raised in Jakarta. She started her career as a photo model in 2014. in early 2017, she tried to explore herself as a magazine model by joining miss popular next top model competition. Because of her passion and talent, she achieved the 3rd place.

Enigma DJ School Jakarta

Sherly has a lot of interest in music, since she was a child. She loves to listen to the music, sing, play piano and guitar. When she started her first year in university, electronic music took her attention. She learned to be a dj in early 2017 at the Enigma DJ school Jakarta. In the same year, she also participated some dj competitions such as “All about iceperience 2017” by dance signal where she achieved the 4th place, “miss popular dj hunt 2017” and completed the competition as the runner up at 2nd place.

Ready to Impress

Sherly Silvi’s love for r&b hip hop and tropical house has brought her to improve her talent as a dj. Now she is able to play almost all music genres with a touch of hip hop, r&b trap and twerk. Nowadays Sherly is known as dj sherly silvi and as a new dj she has been invited as a guest dj in various big clubs, bar and events in Indonesia & Malaysia.
With her stage performance, taste and flow of music, she is ready to impress the crowds.