Phantom Fantasia



Appropriately described as “eclectic, vibrant, and soulful,” DJ Maretta, brings to the dance floor an unique style, mixing various genres and giving the crowd some of what they love, some of what they used to love and some of what they should love. She had found a true love and passion for DJing, in which she began by listening to Electronic Dance Music back when she was still in High School. After reaching the age of 21, clubbing is one of her favorite self reward & more importantly, she never skipped festival music.


In 2017, she decided to relocate to Jakarta, and began her career in Jakarta as a model. In 2018 she explored herself on YouTube, the same year she gained 68,000 subscribers and followers on her social media accounts. And from then, she has become a social media influencer. Especially in beauty and lifestyle. She even had an interview at the Singapore site as a beauty influencer.

On December 2020, she knows that her passion towards music can’t just stand there in silence, so she decides to join SPLENDID ASIA to manage her DJ career. Her 1st gig was on February 2021, held in Fable Club, Jakarta. Her talent was spotted quickly which landed her a second gig and since then Maretta has been DJing around the country at various clubs, parties, raves, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, parades, and sports games. Not even a year but she has already placed #48 in Indonesia and #142 in Asia on DJanetop.

Creating Trademark

Being able to play the right groove for any party and getting the crowd going is what Maretta loves doing! Armed with the skills of mixologist, creativity, a history of the music industry and the passion for music in general, DJ Maretta combines those talents to separate herself from any other DJ. Currently, Maretta is one of the most booked DJ’s in Indonesia. Maretta blends old & new sounds to create her trademark electronic music sets that crowds love.