Phantom Fantasia

Gracela Andreas


Gracela Andreas was born on 31 March 1998 in Jakarta, Indonesia . Gracela Andreas started being a DJ since February 2014, which was when she had the age of 16 years . Her hobby is singing and playing piano, the main reason why she wanted to become a DJ. She’s part of Cookies Music, a girls only DJ group.

It's a Journey

Juicy M, Da Candy, Yellow Claw, DJ Snake are some DJ’s who influenced her a lot. Her energy and solid set from electro house, to hip hop, trap even moombahton are her signature . She has the feeling that, being DJ isn’t only about delivering songs, but also to take people on a journey.

Gracela Andreas not only a DJ, she’s a Model too . Started her modeling career in Kimmy Jayanti School on 2019, and she’s 2nd finalist Miss Popular Magazine Angels Hunt.

Dycal Siahaan

In 2020 she’s plain not to slowdown, she focus on more creative music and released her own song in this year, Southside Party feat Dycal Siahaan, the biggest rapper in Jakarta.