Phantom Fantasia



Devmarc – One of the hottest and sexiest Indonesian DJ’s that’s building a reputation nationwide & worldwide, thanks to her addictive and explosive energy. Used to be known as one of the famous adult lifestyle magazine model “FHM” & “MAXIM”, called Dev Rachelle.

She is not only a DJ, She is a model (height 5.5”, 110pounds). Started her modeling career in the year 2010 and within no time her modeling career raised to the top. She has posed in very known International Glamour and Fashion Magazines.


Her real passion of music has already begun at her early age ever since she was exposed into the cosmopolitan scene of Jakarta. As a DJ, Devmarc has proven her many skills amongst her natural inclination for showmanship. Having always been equally obsessed with the international music scene, Devmarc has cultivated a blend of cultures within an electro-house sound fused with some deliciously old school mashups & developing into an open format mix sound of everything.

Devmarc’s genuine love for music led her to utilize her talent and passion in the early 2015 by trying her hand at becoming a DJ, then having picked up the techniques and skills from her friends and constantly improving and developing herself.

Spreading Wings

Besides of her unique style, personality & beauty, Devmarc also has a unique technical skill with the wide musical genre and pumping sound that could turn the crowd’s heads to a real party!

In 2017, Devmarc has worked her way through the music scene smoothly, reaching globally renowned clubs not only played at the best clubs among Indonesia, she has started to spread her wings Internationally as well in late 2017. And that’s just the start of her perspective career. During the last 2 years visited up to countries on different continents – Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philliphine, Nepal , played on over 200 events.